Due to the financial crisis and the loss of many subsidies we started the search for new opportunities for financing constructions. All this information has resulted in library: the 'Toolbox'.

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Our interface gives you the opportunity to
search for a financial solution in line with your 
problem and with your preferences. If you
want to learn about all the possible financial 
solutions that may help you solve your 
problem please go to our interface page. 

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Look for projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Zoom in for more details about the project.
Upcoming Events

Here we try to keep you updated about the most recent events/workshops on the topic of innovative finance.

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How to search 
You can search financial constructions in the toolbox in three different ways

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Here you can find new research reports on the development of new innovative financial constructions and links to usefull financial instruments.

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Current EU Funding

Here you can find information about some of the most inspiring EU subsidies that are currently getting a lot of interest from municipallities.

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