About the Toolbox

Due to the financial crisis and the cancellation of many subsidy schemes, actors are developing new creative way's of financing their projects. To find your way in this explosion of new creative idea's we  collected them all and made them readily in a large library: the 'Toolbox'.

The Toolbox content contains:

1: Structures - the purely technical form of a financing possibility or investment condition in an information sheet.
2: Sample projects - examples of how the structure is implemented in an actual case study.
In many situations, the Toolbox will not offer ready-made solutions: problem-solving approaches will often be combined and other cases will require a new, more comprehensive approach. The most important aim of this Toolbox is to inspire people to look for a financing solution or a new working method.
Do you have any suggestions, additions, corrections or ideas? In that case, respond by 
e-mail: financiering@agentschapnl.nl. Or leave a comment on one of the construction or example pages. 

Do you want to submit a structure or example? Please email us at financiering@agentschapnl.nl.