What's your problem?

Our interface gives you the opportunity to search for a financial solution in line with your problem and with your preferences. Eight different questions are given (see below). 

  1. The pre-sale of yet-to realize newbuilds does not happen in my municipallity. Therby I do not realize the ground yield. How do I solve this problem?
  2. Housing project have started, but the newbuilds that are under construction or completed have difficulty selling, which causes vacancy. How do I solve this problem?
  3. The housing market in my city has stagnated: little is sold and prices have droped. How do I solve this problem?
  4. The intensive cooperation in PPP with private parties is at stake and contracts are broken up. What to do?
  5. My municipality lies in a decreasing population area. How do I handle this problem?
  6. Within my municipality there are a lot of (longstanding) vacant offices. What to do?
  7. Property developers and associations were always our partner in the area development in the municipality. Due to the crisis they have less and less to invest. What to do?
  8. Sustainability is a key theme in my city. How to stimulate and facilitate sustainability? 

For instance, if you are looking for financial solutions that help to stimulate sustainability and you can identify with the question: Sustainability is a key theme in my city. How to stimulate and facilitate sustainability? The next page will show all the constructions that will help to stimulate and facilitate sustainability. 

Because of the large number of financial solutions in the toolbox there are two possibilities to eliminate financial constructions that do not match your specific requirements. If for instance you know that your municipality wants to start subsidizing energy projects, you can deselect all the other categories (funds, lending/financing, subsidizing and organizing) but subsidizing. If you want to read more about these categories, go to the categories page.

If you want to reduce the financial solutions even further the last choice that you can make is to wether of not to deselect the innovative financial solutions (not yet proven or tested) or the tested innovative solutions.

 If you cannot identify with one of the above questions please sent us an email with your specific question.